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Benefits of Boxing for Kids 5-15 Athletic Training and Conditioning

Boxing focuses on agility, speed, quickness, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Name a sport that doesn’t require these skills! Boxing is a great cross-training sport.

Confidence Building

Boxing coaches teach children to believe in themselves and build this confidence through training proper technique and mental strategy. When kids that are not so academic and feel left behind in the class room this can lower their self esteem, the child maybe more suited to sports and this gives them a great opportunity to be better than the other kids at something which can help with their social anxiety.


Health and Proper Fitness

Being physically fit is critical at an early age. Most children who train in boxing tend to have lower, healthier Body Mass Index (BMI) levels than other kids. Obesity is unfortunately widespread in the UK since the Pandemic . Boxing is a great solution to this. Boxers are known for their extreme endurance and power. This training is what keeps most boxers at a very low body fat content.

Staying out of Trouble

Boxing is a passion and hobby for many kids and adults alike because of how it provides a constructive outlet to displace negative feelings and escape bad influences. This includes illegal activities like underage drinking and drug use. Many kids and teens turn away from these vices to embrace boxing and its emphasis on self-discipline.

Boxing in Schools

Not all kids are made for the class room and like myself they may struggle academically. From a young age I lacked confidence and was very shy.

Boxing gave me a chance to come out of myself and release a lot of frustration and positive energy.

Going on to achieve many rewards including a place to represent England.

Since stopping competing I have had the joy of making a living from helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The number of children sitting in front of computer screens for hours on end is at an all time high  technology has taken them over.
This is why it is critical to introduce sports activities into their lifestyle, not only for physical benefits but mental stimulation and well being too.

 Benefits of Youth Boxing 

Boxing for kids isn’t just a physical activity. This sport is a martial art and has many key benefits for children and young adults who are looking to develop physicality, become independent, and learn self-discipline. Whether your child wants to compete or simply learn a form of self-defense, boxing has this and more. Here are just a few benefits of boxing for kids.

Boxing Offers Many Health Benefits for Kids and Teens

Boxing has many key components to it. Students don’t just put on gloves and start hitting things – as a martial arts sport, boxing requires physical and mental discipline and skill. Done safely, boxing will unleash the athletic potential of any student and much more. Youth boxers gain life skills that will continue to motivate them throughout their lives

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